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Cooperation with customers

If you are interested in our offer, and are considering establishing cooperating with us, you can choose from several ways of contacting MEXEM. You can contact us by phone, e-mail, or an on-line inquiry.

We would also like to inform you that for the sake of creating an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual trust, we established the principle of presenting documents proving the existence and reputation MEXEM as a serious business partner at the request of our customers. Hence, assuming equivalence of trade relations, we have adopted the habit of becoming familiar with your registration documents and financial resources before the execution of the first order. As a result, we can offer you credited the payment deadline, matched to the scale and nature of the planned cooperation.

For MEXEM Customers, we created the possibility of sending a transport order via the Internet. The order form can be filled in online, or you can download the sample, and send it to the MEXEM office by fax, or e-mail.

Companies which have decided to sign regular transport services agreements with usług, will also have access to our modern system of placing orders, which we called the Internet Platform for Logistics (IPL). This system simplifies and speeds up the procedure for placing orders for our services, and also allows you to track the process of execution of its submission after the moment of transfer of the consignment recipient.

At the request of our Clients, we enable tracking for their deliveries by the Global Positioning System (GPS). If you are interested in using the system, you can get more information on the GPS service from our employees.



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