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Conditions for cooperation with MEXEM

1. Conditions of cooperation with the carrier

A carrier performing services on behalf of MEXEM Sp. z o.o. is OBLIGED to:

  1. perform transport services in accordance with the order, within a specified date, and a specified time,
  2. use only vehicles with all the required documents to make the acquired transport, and have the current carrier’s civil liability insurance policy covering the carried out transport for an amount of at least USD100,000 in domestic transport, and USD150,000 in international transport,
  3. have all the properly prepared documents required by the Act and other laws, during carrying out the operations on behalf of the Employer,
  4. ensure that the transport of goods is carried out in vehicles suitable for the type of goods transported; the trailer was tight, with customs approved fastening rope, and strong floor (must support a forklift),
  5. use technically efficient vehicles for transport,
  6. supervise loading and unloading, check the quantity and condition of the packaging shipments, address recipients and delivery dates,
  7. immediately inform the Employer of any delays in loading, unloading, transport, and also claims of the driver about the quality of the goods, quantity, packaging, damages,
  8. receive and transmit documents of the Recipient relating to the consignment in accordance with the recommendations of the Employer, or the sender of the goods,
  9. maintain telephone communication with vehicle drivers during the transport of goods,
  10. receive a legible signature with a full name and an identity card with its series and number from the Recipient, and – if possible – with a stamp on the bill of lading and other documents attesting the passing of the goods,
  11. promptly notify the Employer of the accident in transport, and other similar unforeseen events, and to take all steps to minimize the extent of the damage, which may result from damage to the goods, as well as with the time-limit of the transportation to the Recipient,
  12. draw up a proper protocol in the event of damage or loss of the goods, in the presence of a representative of the Recipient in accordance with the law in at least three copies which are received by: the Employer, the Sender, and the Recipient of the shipment,
  13. keep trade secrets (information about clients, customers, products, prices, warehouses and their equipment, rolling stock, etc.) during the term of the contract, as well as after its termination,
  14. comply with the rules resulting from the transport law, CMR, and other regulations in the field of road transport,
  15. include any substantiated comments confirmed by the Shipper at the loading or unloading of goods at the Customer in the bill of lading.
  16. In case of transport to / from / through the territory of Germany, each carrier cooperating with Mexem Sp. z o.o. is obliged to comply with the applicable provisions of the 2015 German minimum wage legislation of 11th August 2014 (MiLOG).
  17. comply with IWAY Standard, which is a Code of Conduct, designed for IKEA contractors – link below.

2. Execution of the transport service – provisions:

  1. The basis for the performance of transport services is a confirmation of acceptance of order for the services.
  2. The service is performed by the bill of lading issued on the basis of the order and in accordance with the requirements of the carrier.
  3. Payment for transport services is made on the basis of the invoice with the attached bill of lading and other documents referred to in the order in accordance with the terms of contracts and agreements.

3. The basic rules governing the provision of the transport service

  1. Conditions of ordering transport services
  2. The contract with the carrier
  3. The law on road transport of 6th September 2001
  4. Transport law
  5. The Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR)
  6. Civil Code
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