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Environmental protection and Code of Conduct


Protection of the environment is treated in our company very seriously. During their daily activities, the employees of MEXEM put particular emphasis on minimizing environmental degradation – we realize that the state of our environment depends equally on each and every one of us.

Our priority in the field of environmental protection is to create an organization that in every sphere of its action pays full attention to the environmental aspects of doing business. For this reason, MEXEM continuously improves its environmental standards not only in the area of its core business, but also in the field of administrative and management organization.


In terms of the core business, our priority include three action lines:

  1. efficient use of resources;
  2. investments in ecology; and
  3. raising the environmental awareness of MEXEM employees and contractors.


We took the following actions within the above lines:

  • setting limits and controlling fuel consumption and emissions;
  • using products of the highest quality which undergo specialist disposal, recycling, or bio-degradation;
  • sorting waste, cooperating with a company involved in professional waste disposal;
  • purchasing vehicles which meet the most stringent environmental protection standards;
  • monitoring and informing contractors about the need for compliance with environmental standards and IWAY standard;
  • training employees in the field of environmental protection and IWAY standard;
  • using modern techniques and knowledge in the field of logistics in order to design the most eco-efficient solutions.


In the field of administration we have chosen the following directions:

  1. managing resources;
  2. creating procedures.


We have taken actions such as:

  • optimizing the use of resources (light, water, and paper);
  • purchasing biodegradable or recyclable products;
  • using energy-saving devices;
  • developing procedures conducive to saving resources.


At the level of management of the organization, we have set the following courses of action:

  1. a strategic view on environmental issues in the company;
  2. communicating the importance of protecting the environment within MEXEM, as well as the promotion of good practice in dealing with close and distant surroundings of the company;
  3. controlling current activities in the field of environmental protection.


In this regard, we have taken the following actions:

  • training management;
  • signing contracts containing clauses on the protection of the environment;
  • developing models of good practice in the field of ecology in business activity;
  • collecting regular feedback in the form of reports.
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